Motoman AR2010

The MOTOMAN AR2010 6-axis robot is the most suitable robot for arc welding applications, thanks to its high path accuracy.

With a payload capacity of up to 12 kg and a wide working range of 2010 mm, this robot supports welding of large workpieces.

Number of Axes:6
Repeatability:0.03 mm
S-Axis Speed:210 °/s
L-Axis Speed:210 °/s
U-Axis Speed:220 °/s
R-Axis Speed:435 °/s
B-Axis Speed:435 °/s
T-Axis Speed:700 °/s

The robot’s high payload capacity and precise motion capabilities make it ideal for handling voluminous workpieces in arc welding applications.

The advanced TA34 AC/DC control panel possesses all the necessary features for professional AC and DC TIG welding, as well as electrode welding.

Utilizing Pulse and MicroPulse features, it is employed for the high-quality welding of alloyed/unalloyed steels starting from 0.3mm thickness and aluminum starting from 1.0mm thickness, along with all stainless steel types.