5 Axis Vertical Machining Machine

Your powerful and flexible 5-sided machining solution for greater efficiency and productivity!

Max. X-Axis: 500mm
Max. Y-Axis: 450 mm
Max. Z-Axis: 400mm
Max. workpiece diameter: 630 mm
Max. workpiece height: 550 mm
Max. workpiece weight: 200 kg

Patented rotary table with excellent accessibility – your guaranteed advantage for complex production

B-axis rotation range from -5° to 110°
Complete machining of complex parts thanks to 5-axis technology
Wide table ø 630 x 500 mm for machining parts weighing up to 200 kg

3 Axis Vertical Machining Machine

Maximum Spindle Speed 45 – 10,000 rpm.
Spindle Taper BT40
FRONT Bearing Diameter Ø 70 mm
X-Axis 1020 mm
Y Axis 520 mm
Z Axis 540 mm
The distance from the spindle center to the top surface of the table is 140 ~ 680 mm
Distance from spindle center to Z Axis guard 535 mm
Table Dimensions 1120 x 520 mm
T Channel (Number × Width × Step) 5 x 18 mm x 100 mm
Maximum Table Load 500 Kg

4 Axis Profile Machining Machine

Alüminyum çubuk işleme merkezi
CNC kontrollü 4 eksen (X, Y, Z, A)
Alüminyum, çelik, PVC ve hafif metallerin işlenmesi için
Mengenelerin kirişi, ± 125 ° içindeki tüm açılarda uzunlamasına eksene paralel yerleştirilebilir.
İşlenebilir kesit: 300 x 150 mm (YxZ)
5 kötü alışkanlık
150 m/dk’ya kadar eksen hızı
Bu makine, 4000 mm faydalı uzunluğa kadar çubukları işler ve farklılaştırılmış çalışma döngüsünü kullanarak makine, daha sonra 8000 mm’ye kadar çubukları işleyebilir.

Our C Axis Lathe

Body Type: 45°
Maximum Turning Diameter:650 mm
Max Machining Diameter:405 mm
Maximum Machining Length: 1,020 mm
Spindle Diameter: 68 mm
Spindle Speed: 4.500 rpm
Spindle Motor: 15/18.5 kW
Mirror Size: 8 inches
Axis Speeds ( X/Z ):24/30 m/min
Number of Turret Items: 12 (BMT65)
Pen Dimensions: 25×25 mm
Hole Pen Size: 50 mm
Tailstock Movement: 110 mm
C Axis Speed:5.000 rpm

Our 5 Axis Twisting Machine

6 Axis Servo Controlled
Maximum Pipe Diameter: Ø32
Maximum Wall Thickness: 2,5mm
Maximum Bend Radius: 150 mm
Ability to Bend with 3 Different Radius on the Same Pipe
Rolling Feature
Hole Drilling Feature
3D Simulation
3D Drawing Reading Feature
Pipe Collision Stimulating Simulation Program
3D Preview Feature of the Pipe to be Bend
Technical Drawings Drawn with AutoCAD or Solidworks Program (.step, .igs Extension) Ability to Transfer and Bend to the Control Panel of the Machine via Internet and USB

C Type Mechanıcal Press - 120 Tonnes

Stroke Adjustment (mm): 20-120
Speed (d/dk): 50
Bed Area (mm):650×925
Distance Bed Tostide (mm):470
Hole In Slide (mm):55
Hole In Bed (mm):200-220
Weight (kg): 5200
Motor Power (hp):10
Size x – z – y (mm): 1900-2000-2450

V350-HX Circle Saw

Semi-automatic sawing machine that makes material clamping and cutting automatically,
Double transmission helical gear system
Complete casting table
Adjustable and controllable cutting speed thanks to the hydro-pneumatic working saw head,
Ability to select the most suitable speed for material properties thanks to the double-speed motor
Precise angle cuts up to 45⁰ in both directions
Stroke adjustment to the cutting start and end points according to the size of the material to be cut
Thanks to the coolant tank and engine in the cabinet, the saw can be cooled and quickly removed from the cutting surface.
The pieces can be cut to the same length as standard after being adjusted once with the special support mechanism.
Security system in accordance with CE Norms

Motoman AR2010

MOTOMAN AR2010 is perfect for robotic arc welding, cutting and other path-related applications. It combines precision, performance and functionality in a way which made MOTOMAN welding robots superior over the last decades. The AR2010 allows you to achieve optimal welding results even under extremely difficult conditions.

Number of axes: 6
Repeatability: 0.03 mm
S-axis: 210°/s
L-axis: 210°/s
U-axis: 220°/s
R axis: 435°/s
B-axis: 435°/s
T axis: 700°/s

Kaban AC 1050 Aluminium Cutting Machine

Precise cutting of Aluminium profiles between 200-1350.
Has lubrication system.
Left feeding table and automatic saw safety cover.
Profile support arm between two heads.
Special vacuum system to cut without depositing sawdust on heads.
Profile height measuring system.
Automatic slicing system.